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YOGI BERRA said: "Baseball’s 90% mental, the other half is physical."



Maximize your athletic abilities and potential, build your confidence, minimize negatives and improve mental concentration with the personalized sports program!

Hypnosis is the perfect tool for Sports Performance Enhancement; an essential component of achieving athletically. Hypnosis also employs the related tools of visualization, mental imagery and the use of positive suggestions. These tools help the competitor in any sport overcome and master the ever self-defeating behaviors of negative self-talk, negative thinking, and anxiety. The competitor must keep his or her attention on his/her performance goals, stay mentally focused and resist being sidetracked.   Our methods help the competitor “psych-up” positively and keep on track.  Improve the thought process and reinforce the all-important link between mental skills and physical results.  We show you how focusing concentration, controlling muscle tension, and thinking positively under stress creates real physical changes that enhance sport performance.

Special Tips for athletes and parents of athletes to effectively help improve performance.   Number One Tip: Accentuate the positive!!

  1. Integration of Mind and Body - Goal Setting
  2. Visualization Strategies
  3. Mental Flow - creating the "ZONE"
  4. Positive affirmations
  5. What can a parent do?

Whatever the sport, Hypnosis can help you perform better!  We also train the competitor in Self-Hypnosis.  Self-hypnosis is a tool that you take with you! 

Professional, Olympic, college, high school, younger school athletes, and amateur athletes have effectively used hypnosis. It can be used in team sports such as Hockey, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Lacrosse, as well as individual sports in those sports or in more individual directed sports such as Golf, Tennis, Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Swimming, Diving, Track, Marathons, Body Building, Volleyball, Dancing, Entertaining, Bowling.  The sports enhancement methods are available to any athlete that wants to perform to their highest potential and for any sport.  If you can play it, you can improve it with Sports Hypnosis.  You are provided with the extra “Edge”.   Top competitors are looking for that extra "Edge" that helps them stand out from the crowd. Hypnosis is that "EDGE"!

Our methods step-up the mental training process.

An athlete needs to have superior physical skills and abilities, and must also develop superior mental skills. Mental training through Hypnosis enhances your current skills while enabling YOU to more easily gain new and better skills.  We provide the athlete with valuable concepts to reduce the frequency of critical performance errors and skills to speed your recovery from things that affect your performance.  We drill and rehearse methods that reinforce what is taught in our sessions.   The athlete builds into the thought process skills for the regular practice routine.  Valuable practice time is not lost as you prepare yourself and apply your mental skills in performance contexts. 

“Playing in the Zone”. 

Most athletes spend 95% of training time doing physical training and only 5% of the time with mental training. What if you could do mental training while doing the physical training?  With Hypnosis, you can!  You can create and experience those wonderful and powerful feelings of “Flow” that the top athletes often rave about!  We’ve all heard the phrase “Playing in the Zone”.  Whatever we call it – this altered “state of consciousness”  - where time is slowed and performance flows easily can be attained by anyone that wants it!  We focus our methods on the keys to enter the zone at will!   Change negative thoughts into self-confidence and faith in your ability to perform to your highest potential in competition.   Often the athlete needs to distinguish between “assorted thinking issues” and technical “sport” problems  -- a very critical preliminary step to improving performance.  Once the source of the problem is identified – an appropriate solution can be implemented. 

Remember all hypnosis is all Hypnosis is Self-Hypnosis.  We train our clients and teams to easily use Self-Hypnosis to achieve their own individual goals.  We give you the tools to MAXIMIZE YOUR PERFORMANCE AND YOUR POTENTIAL.

Our personalized sports program helps the athlete/team maximize:




     Ability to focus and concentrate




     Ability to "visualize" a perfect performance

     Positive self-talk

     Workouts and practices

     Enjoyment of the activity

     Creation of positive imagery

     Efficient use of training time

Our personalized sports program help the athlete/team minimize:

"    Distractions

"    Tension and stress

"    Down time due to injuries

"    Disappointments – they become a learning experience

"    Negative – self defeating thoughts

"    Healing time from injury

"    Block out external distractions

"    Discomfort and frustration

What does it take to make a champion? The attributes of those who have risen to the top of their game in both amateur and professional athletics are always a constant.   Working with our methods you effectively learn the following “Champion” attributes and skills:

%                 Control performance anxiety & pre-performance nervousness

%                 Expand your game by enhancing sensory awareness

%                 Trust in your abilities, training, coaching and team mates

%                 Instantly refocus after mental lapses of anxiety or anger

%                 Enhance performance skills

%                 Increase and maintain self-confidence

%                 Develop unmatched muscular control

%                 Control sports arousal (aggression)

%                 Focus motivation and commitment

%                 Control internal dialogue

%                 Block out external distractions

%              Block out crowd noises 

%                 Enhance visual imagery techniques

%                 Increased motivation

%                 Block out negativity

%                 Practice feeling of being grounded, calm, relaxed and receptive

%                 Use Self-Hypnosis

%                 Control changes that interfere with coordination, timing and power

%                 Practice repeating positive self-affirmations.


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Sports and Athletic Performance Enhancement  

As your attitude improves so does your performance!!

Integration of the mind and body.  Our mind and our body are related in the same way components of a computer are linked.  They communicate with each other; your mind tells your body what actions to take and your body tells your mind what it is sensing, how it is feeling etc.  And like your computer it has a memory to retain the actions and the sensations.

The mind is a fabulous processor, it is the most powerful computer in the world.  With this tool we can do and achieve amazing things. Our minds can learn, retain and retrieve information for creating rockets and sending people into outer space and it can make enormous medical and scientific contributions.  For the purposes of sporting excellence and achievement the mind can help us to be the best that we can possibly be.  Integrating the mind with the body can help an athlete achieve great things.  In order to begin the process there are some important behaviors that we need to develop:

1.    Goal Setting (for achievement and performance goals).  Goal Setting does not just involve setting goals or outcomes within the sporting arena. It also involves setting goals for life. At first some of the goals seem as though the have nothing to do with sports – often tit is needed to enhance our personal development skills.  What's the point of asking an athlete to focus on winning a gold medal if they are having difficulties in personal relationships or they are about to be declared bankrupt. It is not possible to isolate sports from the many aspects of one’s personal life. Goals need to be broad and all encompassing.  Some areas of specific goal setting need to be formulated for time management, communications and leadership.  These goals can be changed and recreated any time – nothing is written in stone.  And always remember - there is no failure only feedback.   The advantages of Goal Setting will spill over into many other aspects of your life.  It takes some time to fully actualize your potential.  Don’t wait until the season starts before you begin your mind training.  Prepare your mind and yourself now for being better when going in to the activity.  If you are in training, you need to learn how to get the best results from your training sessions and take what you have learned in practice into actual play and/or competition.  This skill will help.

2.    Visualization strategies (to help create state of mind for confidence and motivation).   These techniques are sometimes referred to as Mental Imagery (How is it going to be when I achieve those states and goals?)  Mental Imagery or Visualization involves seeing and experiencing success in your mind.  Some people like to see the images  – some people are much better at feeling things.  Imagine how it feels to perform at your best every time! Learn methods of visualization that will give you the edge and enable you to achieve the kind of performance you can be proud of.  Learn to develop the kinds of images that will get your mind and body in harmony and have complete control of your performance; and achieve an ideal state of being in which to perform.   Imagine how it feels to have that gold medal placed around your neck!  Imagine how it feels to hear swish every time you shot a basket!   Positive affirmations assist you in imagining the peak moments.  They are self-talk and encouragement.   You could repeat 'everyday I am getting stronger and faster. I am the greatest' This will improve your 'self-talk' but to truly change your internal belief system it is necessary to make use of mental imagery and rehearsal.   World-class athletes and Olympians are successful users of self-talk.  It improves your vision and your focus.  Rehearsing success in your mind starts to help you feel successful.  If you use mental imagery and rehearsal in your preparation and training you are more likely to achieve positive personal development and performance levels as well as motivation, self-confidence, self-esteem and a new and powerful personal belief system.   Most highly successful people who win gold medals, championship trophies etc have all done it a thousand times in their minds and in their dreams before they ever do it in reality.  Using Positive self-talk you will overcome any anxiety or nervousness and enjoy looking forward to your sports activities as much as you enjoy the actual playing. Most people invest a lot time and money in their sports activities and the frustration of not progressing in your game can spoil the whole season. 

3.     Mental Flow - Mental Flow involves being in the zone.  Being engrossed in an event to an almost enlightened level. Have you ever known you were going to score a homerun before you even made contact with the ball?  Have you ever felt invincible as if it was your day and nothing could possibly go wrong? This state of performance is sometimes known as a peak experience.  ”Flow” involves positive state management. In other words, getting into that championship state more often and just when you need to.  This is where your mental imagery comes in handy. 

IT IS FAIRLY COMMON KNOWLEDGE AMONG ATHLETES AND SPORTS PROGRAMS … that relaxation, visualization techniques, goal setting and creation of flow have been used by professional and amateur athletes for a long time now.  The advantage of using such techniques is obvious in the success of those who use them well.  HypnoCounseling and self-hypnosis training can help our clients to take these techniques to their highest level of potential.  The conscious and subconscious mind must work as a team.

Develop the mind skills and the sport skills at the same time!  Also the confidence, the ability to relax and concentrate, and the appropriate attitude must all be in place if you are to perform to goal standards.  Developing skills, being consistent in using those skills under even the most demanding conditions and circumstances are also crucial to playing any sport well.  Whether playing competitively or for recreation, most people play better when the satisfaction of participating is maintained.  This often also depends on how well people play.  Athletes enjoy their sports more when they know they are playing their best.  You can learn to get the most out of your game by acquiring the knowledge to perform to your own potential.

A challenge that sometimes arises in involvement, especially in competitive situations is the commonly experienced performance anxiety. This quandary prevents even the most competent and talented individual to not utilize all the learned and practiced skills, or not function at peak levels. Many a contest has been lost due to this pre-performance nervousness that in some cases lasts throughout the activity.  We can work to prepare the mind to stand up to the adversities or underlying issues that bring about this test and prevent the person from functioning at their best in a sports activity.  The sub-conscious and conscious mind and the body need to work together!  You can rise above whatever problem is preventing you from doing your best and improving your performance.  Hypnosis is an ideal modality for it is relaxation at its full potential, and it causes the process of visualization to have more impact as it reaches deeper levels of mind than would otherwise be possible using other relaxation techniques.

You will learn to use self-hypnosis  - so your mind will work well for you.

Accentuate the positive!! Successful performance in any endeavor requires success-oriented thinking. Many people want to change the ways they think  - but few are aware of the techniques that can enable such change. Consistency of skills is always a plus in sports and consistency of thinking can be just as elusive as consistency in physical performance. Many athletes  tend to get easily frustrated when things do not go as expected and lose their cool which also causes loss of mental focus. That's when a game can really begins to falter. The consistent use of positive affirmations over time can prevent this from happening.  And, as you practice your athletic skills over AND over again you also need to repeatedly go over and over your positive affirmations!  This is critical! 

Positive thoughts strengthen the energy system and increase the power of the mind and the body. I purposely avoid discussing negative thinking because it is just that!  And we should at all cost avoid negative thinking!  There are no limitations to the potential that we can achieve.

Cultivating positive attitudes requires one to say positive things to him/herself, such as:  I can do this. 

What can Parents do!

To be continued!

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