Public Speaking

Business, Professional & Personal Confidence

Speaking with Confidence & Impact

While learning to publicly speak with impact, you will acquire the skills to . . .

  • Obliterate fear & anxiety

  • Read the audience 

  • Organize thoughts

  • Write and prepare your presentation

  • Create a striking opening & effective closing

  • Practice the presentation

  • Present information visually

  • Create and use professional computer-generated graphics

  • Deliver with poise and professionalism

  • Capture and hold the audience's attention

  • Get the audience involved

  • Prepare for and control question and answer sessions

  • Listen

  • How to handle distraction & interruptions

  • Develop audience rapport

  • Achieve the power to influence

  • Prepare the room for a presentation

Polish your skills to meet people in business and social settings
Prepare for the interview
Create Public Speaking Objectives – some thoughts to base your presentation on:
  1. Identify life goals and live with more conviction.
  2. Apply five principles to live by that will help the audience cope with change and deal with adversity and setbacks in their professional and personal lives.
  3. When faced with adversity, inspire the audience to adjust their perspective and reduce stress.
Basic Messages to present:
  1. Do something new everyday.
  2. Focus on a hopeful future, not on self-pity.
  3. Believe that the impossible just might be possible.
  4. Allow more time to get things done and be patient with yourself.
  5. To lower your stress,  adjust your expectations of other people.
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