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Surviving Office Politics

Rules for Office Politics

  1. Keep attitudes professional at all times.  And… especially keep it Positive.
  2. Play the game being played, not the one you want to play or think should be played. 
  3. Don't make enemies. Never burn bridges.
  4. Never whine and complain. Once again a Positive Attitude will eliminate this problem. 
  5. Don't intimidate superiors. Try to avoid going over your superior's head.
  6. Don't make others look bad.
  7. Don't criticize employees or bosses.
  8. Consider criticism in terms of employer's interests, not personal.
  9. Help others get what they want.
  10. Establish affiliations of mutual advantage with important people. NETWORK!
  11. Find common ground with others. Become a “Connector”.
  12. Don't discuss personal problems.
  13. Selectively self-disclose.
  14. Don't assume anything will stay secret.
  15. Create win/win solutions.
  16. Keep employer's perspective in mind.
  17. Cultivate a positive, simple, accurate image.
  18. Be an active listener.
  19. Force yourself to do difficult, uncomfortable or scary things.
  20. Be pleasant. Laugh and smile.
  21. Be assertive and tough when required, not aggressive.
  22. Don't oversell. Be natural. Develop your own style.

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